I found my way to poetry through Youth Speaks Hawaiʻi in 2006. The organization gave me an avenue to approach sharing some of Hawaiʻis story while also honing an interest in creative writing. My time at Youth Speaks afforded me many opportunities, my work was showcased on HBO, at the White House but most importantly it taught me how to offer the proper discipline to my craft.

I have traveled the world sharing my work with people from all walks of life and have been fortunate enough to be published in numbers literary journals and anthologies.

Feel free to click on some of the links above (under the Poetry / Essays heading) to read and see some my more polished work.

If you are more interested in observing my writing process feel free to visit my poetry blog, Mai ka pō mai ka ʻoiaʻio (From the darkness comes the truth).  The initial purpose of the blog was to host my 1000 day writing project in which i drafted a poem a day for 1000 days. Now it serves as a host for all the little poems and lines i come up between all my other responsibilities and engagements. The work found of this blog usually comes from the beginning stages of each poem and therefore is much less polished.

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