Mentorship and Methodology

Papahana: Hawaiian historical Society Research Day

Materials Collected: 

  • “No ka Moe Kolohe”  by Kauikeaouli in 1829IMG_0044.jpg


Developing Methods: (inspired by a conversation with Noelani Arista)

  1. Disregard Translations (for now)
  2. Focus on collecting relevant passages rather than indexing EVERY use
  3. Use Papakilo
  4. Use Forbes as a first step of collecting a legal chronology (Vol. 2 & 3)


Tonight i collected 20 issues of Poepoe’s Hiʻiaka. Will continue tomorrow. Hand Typing is slow but is allowing me to actually retain the moʻolelo. Iʻll still have to go back and re-read from start to finish to build more context. At this rate i can probably collect all of the Poepoe by 2/16/2017.

Questions and random thoughts: 

Think about the difference between kapu & law in terms of gender, sex and desire. Read Arista Thesis for some direction on this.


*Today the Dissertation feels possible and thats a major victory for me.



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