Mai Kinohi

Aloha kākou,

This blog will serve as the primary form of documenting my journey while researching my dissertation.  If you want more information on why i’m torturing myself with all this research, feel free to check out my prospectus here: Aikāne, A Kanaka Maoli Moʻolelo Beyond Queer Theory: Unsettling White Settler Logics and Empowering Indigenous Desires. 

This is a project that has been calling me for as long as i can remember. I’ve spent most of the last 5 years trying to figure out just how i can approach this research in a way that properly honors my kupuna and the things they’ve taught and continue to teach me about aloha. I am terrified but also excited about the opportunity to honor this kuleana.

While i’m researching, collecting, analyzing and writing i will try to keep up to date on this blog with my process, developing methods, and any/all interesting passages that jump out at me. Primarily, this blog will serve to document my research process and ethos as it develops in real time.



PS: a few things you need to know should you decide to read on…

  1. These posts are not combed over. they are mostly just my thoughts as i’m having them. Therefore they are not complete, nor are they final. I will make some strange conclusions. Don’t go nuts, its just a blog and i’m not presenting any of this information as fact. Rather this is a place for me to literally think through things out loud.
  2. i probably wont proofread most of this. And if i do, there will probably still be typos. I don’t actually care if my research blog has typos. But you might. it might frustrate you to read something so “sloppy.” To that i say, if you are more concerned with my typos than the manaʻo (sometime hiding) behind them then this blog isn’t for you and thats okay.. there are millions of other blog out there.. many of which are proofread. Go read one of those. (see look theres at least one typo above.. iʻm not going to fix it.. i want to condition you properly to the experience of reading my blog).
  3. I love sharing ideas, i hope if the passages i post bring up ideas that you want to share, that you will share them too. iʻm not really interested in arguing, but iʻd love to hear your perspectives on the materials. Lets have conversations about this. I ka ʻŌlelo no ke ola right?
  4. I am sharing direct passages from moʻolelo hoping that more people will read them and talk about them; therefore, feel free to share anything you read on this blog (including my manaʻo) as long as you cite what you share properly. I will do my best to provide adequate citations. if i donʻt, shoot me a comment and i will provide it for you. Because unlike typos, i do care about citations.
  5.  iʻm really excited to be sharing this blog with those of you who want to read along. With that said, feel free to keep me accountable if i haven’t posted in a while. Because i know staying up to date will be difficult.
  6.  Homophobes or people otherwise attracted to heteronormativity and heteropatriarchy, keep out. Im not interested in being called out by your limited imagination.
  7. yay, lets blog

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